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An Air Purifier for Clean Air

Air Purifier is an appliance to filter air in our living spaces.
Its purpose is to clean the air we breathe because clean air is vital for our well-being. For one, clean air is refreshing. We breathe well, we live healthier. Conversely, polluted air is detrimental to health. It causes discomfort. It also threaten health of the young, the old or anyone with asthma or other lung diseases.
In this section, we highlight the need for clean air and explain how an effective Air Purifier refresh air for ourselves and our loved ones.

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Sources of Air Pollution and Types of Pollutants

Sources of air pollution are increasingly more intense and more frequent due to climate change and urbanisation.

In Singapore, air pollutions can be due to natural disasters, like bush fires during the dry seasons. Sometimes it is man-made, like plantation clearing or unlawful factory fumes discharge. As a result, we are faced with moderate to severe haze covering our blue sky. Such events may last for a few days to many weeks.

Besides, there are also more regular sources of air pollution in fuel combustion from vehicular traffic or dusts at nearby construction sites. Adding to these, we have festive burning of joss paper or incense and even occasional cigarette smokes from our friendly neighbours. While temporary discomfort can be tolerated, prolonged exposure is damaging to good health.

Within the house, pet dander in the living area and smoke from cooking in the kitchen may also posed a challenge. Of greater concern in recent times, are the bacteria, germs and virus in the environment which make us sick.


Remove Contaminants to Keep Air Clean

While it is not always possible to eliminate sources of air pollution, we can always manage the air around us. For this reason, we use the Air Purifier to filter out contaminants. Depending on types of air pollutants and size of room, an appropriate and effective H13 True HEPA Air Purifier can be your safe and convenient solution.


Three-Stage True HEPA Filtration of Air Purifier

Safe and Effective 3-stage True HEPA filtration rid of contaminants; physical, smoke or chemical in nature.

Explaining 3-Stage True HEPA Filtration

Pre-Filter : preliminary stage when air in the room is sucked into the air purifier, where dust, hair, lint, fiber, pet fur and other particles are removed

H13 True HEPA Filter : all important stage when fine particles such as Bacteria, mold, pet dander and pollen to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size

Activated Carbon Filter : final stage of filtering to clean air from smoke, fumes, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), pet odours and cooking smells

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