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Air Purifier Singapore ( is about Air Purifier in Singapore; safe and clean air filtration for healthier living in Singapore.
We promote use of effective and affordable air purifier as an essential home appliance. Our mission is to seek out high quality air cleaners which are reliable, fit for purpose and aesthetically fitting for the home or office environment.
Working with trusted brands, Air Purifier Singapore features successful global products for our local customers in Singapore. As a result, our product selections are 100% genuine and many models are winners of design awards and best sellers. Additionally, all products come with approved 3-pin mains plug, in compliance with Singapore SAFETY mark and are covered with 2-year local warranty.

Selection of Levoit Air Purifiers

Teaming up with Levoit, Top Selling Air Purifier Brand in USA, we are listing an impressive selection of Levoit Air Purifiers for our local customers. These include iF Design Award and Red Dot Product Design Award winning models such as Core 200S, Core 300, Core 400S and newly released Core 300S. With these choices, we are sure you will find a safe clean air purifier to suit you best.

Clean Air for All

We breathe to live. Unfortunately, the air around us are not always fresh or safe. 

Sometimes, pollution is due to the hazardous international cross boundary haze which persist over months. At other times, exhaust from expressways, pets dander and odours, cooking fumes or cigarettes smoke. Consequently, these pose a challenge to breathe only clean air ! And are also a health risk for those with asthma, sinus or related lung diseases.

With current Covid-19 pandemic, need for refreshed and clean air in an enclosed space to rid airborne contaminants has gathered increased interest. There are no claims an air purifier will eliminate Covid-19. Yet, it is noteworthy that good grade True HEPA Filter has capture efficiency of 99.99% or better for particles 0.1 micron in size or smaller. Below is an illustration of Filter efficiency as a function of particle diameter as shown in a paper by National Aeronautics and Administration (NASA).


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Award-Winning Levoit Air Purifiers Available in Singapore. Click on image to learn more.

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